Purpose of this website

Dear reader,

With this website “Wisdoms from Heaven” we would like to introduce to you the meaning and the great Love that is hidden in the messages who are brought to Earth by Heavenly Masters and who reveal an unique universal Holy Truth.
This Truth is hidden in each human being. So listen to your mind, but also to your feelings and you will recognize this yourself. Heavenly wisdoms lead to a world of unconditional Love for all living beings.
Does this appeal to you? Than help us to spread these Heavenly Wisdoms.

These Heavenly Wisdoms are mainly derived from the books of Jozef Rulof, of which the text was dictated by masters from the Heavenly spheres.  Also in early Christianity we find some basic principles of this universal Truth.  We also see this in ancient Eastern spiritual movements such as Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta, a Hindu movement and in the philosophy of the ancient Egypt.

This holy truth has been there always. Already in the early ancient times, humanity felt that there had to be a Divine power, which all life has created. By seeking of mankind and sometimes inspired by Heavenly Masters, there were developed religions and spiritual movements, in which parts of that universal wisdom were revealed.  Not all wisdom, however, was understood or interpreted in the right way. Mankind was not ready for that.
The past century, under the influence of growing prosperity and scientific knowledge, mankind has developed strongly and with it the spiritual insights. Nowadays you can see in our Western society that many people are inspired by spiritual movements, which are often based on Eastern religions and on early Christianity.

There is a growing understanding and inner feeling that there must be one overall Divine Intelligence, one universal Truth, one Divine Cosmology.
They understand and feel that we are born of that Divine Source and that our main aim of live is to develop our soul and return to this Divine Source.
To realize this, we must acquire unconditional Love for all live around us. Therefore we receive many new lives. But how we live those lives, is always our own choice. We have  received a free will and therefore we are responsible for our own deeds.

-Since the 20th century is this amazing Divine Truth available for everyone who is interested. Heavenly masters brought this Truht on Earth. For this they worked together with a Dutch man, Jozef Rulof.  He was able  to resign from his body and then as a spirit he was guided by his Heavenly masters in the spiritual worlds after death.
Here he received the unique knowledge of the Divine process of evolution such as the origin of all life in the cosmos, the birth of the human soul, the origin of animal life and nature, the role of sun, moon, stars and planets.
In short, the creation and development of the entire visible and invisible Cosmos.
After returning in his body, he functioned as a writing medium for his Masters and all he experienced was written down. In total there are written 27 books and they are already available in six languages. http://www.rulof.org

The message is clear:
We as humans are born from the Divine Source and we are at the heart of the Divine process of evolution.  By giving Love to everything around you, your Soul grow to the Light and thus you will also work on a better world.

Regards and Love,

The  Society Wisdoms from Heaven