28.0 The Meadow and the Fourth and the Fifth Sphere of Light
28.1 The Meadow is the meeting place of spirits and their loved ones from Earth
28.2 General Characteristics of the Fourth and Fifth Sphere of Light
28.3 The Fourth Sphere of Light
28.4 In the Temple of the Soul, each soul can descend into its own past
28.5 In the Temple of the Soul, one can become proficient in a particular study
28.6 In the spiritual realms, a soul can deserve a universal name
28.7 The Fifth Sphere of Light
28.8 A Spiritual home is built by Love power
28.9 In the Temple of Happiness, twin souls move together from the Fifth to the Sixth Sphere of Light
28.10 Blessing by Christ of twin souls who pass into the Sixth Sphere of Light