28.1 The Meadow is the meeting place of spirits and their loved ones from Earth


The Meadow is a Sphere that lies between the Third and Fourth Light Sphere and has a connection to Earth. Here, after out-of-body experience, the earthly person can, as a spirit, see his deceased loved ones again and they experience spiritual happiness together. The earthly human being is assisted in the out-of-body experience by a spirit of light. This happens during sleep and the person will experience this as a special dream. Only a few are aware of the out-of-body experience and the special experience. Such an encounter with a loved one gives the nes strength to continue and also to learn to accept the loss

-Summerland is the sphere where the earthly spirit is allowed to dwell in the night after dis- embodiment, if God grants him that grace. In Summerland he meets the loved ones who preceded him, he regains strength there and returns into his physical body, spiritually invigorated.

A view into the Hereafter p.198

-When this being one is experienced, it happens in their dreams; some are conscious, but only one out of millions of souls has these gifts so that the consciousness of both is perfect.

-‘The meadow’ is like a nursing home where the soul gains fresh strength to be able to experience material life in all its stages of grief and sorrow. There is no soul on earth that has not been here, either conscious or unconscious. It subsequently returned to the earth, with fresh inspiration and full of spiritual powers in order to accept that what it must carry, is imposed by the laws of cause and effect.

-At ‘the meadow’ a Mother sees her dead darling again, the man his wife, the sister her sister and the brother his brother, and lovers meet as twin souls and they experience their spiritual happiness. ‘The meadow’ helps the material human being bear, its serves, it gives and presents strength and zest to the life of God.

Between Life and Dead p.288,289,290

Source: Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof