36.0 Man is God, is All Source, All Soul, All-Spirit, All-Mother, All-Father, Life, Light
36.1 The human Soul is essentially Divine and in the Divine All, man is like God
36.2 All life is one with the Divine and that is called Wayti
36.3 What is the purpose of creation?
36.4 Man ever gets Divine thinking and feeling
36.5 It is GOD Himself that evolves
36.6 God Itself gives birth to Itself through man
36.7 What does it mean that we humans are Gods ?
36.8 Man then is God, is All Source, All Soul, All-Mother, All-Father, Life, Light, Love
36.9 Are there any higher worlds after the Divine All?
36.10 Man questions the difference between the beginning and the end of this Divine evolutionary process