36.8 Man then is God, is All Source, All Soul, All-Mother, All-Father, Life, Light, Love


In the All, man has Divine Allconsciousness.
Man is then a Godhead and one with Life with the Source to which he belongs.
Man is then All Source, All Soul, All-Mother and All-Father, Life, Light and Love.

-But in that Divine All, when the human being entered the Divine All-Consciousness, he asked of course: “Where is the father now, the cre- ator of all of this?” And he was not there. He was not there. They went walking again. They explained the laws to themselves, they looked to the left and to the right, upwards and behind them and there was no God, only the light, the life, also the spirit. Because by means of the spirit – they learned that – the materialization started, visible working came. But where is God now, the God of love?

Lectures2 p.202-203

-Now you can analyze your bible, every theologian, wisdom no longer exists, there is no God of love, there is only a Mother who built up those laws of life, an All-Source that is giving birth, after which the creating life of feeling came forward, do you see? And that became a human being, that became a man. When the first human being entered the Divine All and started to ex- perience his thinking and feeling, he started to see that there was only life present as light –do you see? – as light. There was silence, yes indeed. When you are in harmony and experience the justice then you go to that harmony and people call that love. That is the oneness with the life, with the source to which you belong.

Lectures2 p.204

-What I am concerned with – and that is for every human being, for every animal, for every law of life as a grade – is the moment that those people had to accept the Divine All and could continue, deeper and higher, there were seven grades to be seen, higher and higher, more and more rarefied, into the Divine All, and then they returned to the darkness of before creation. And again they start to accept and to experience that journey, that universal, that Divine journey. They go through that All-Source, because behind this life the All-Mother is still present as soul, as spirit, as personality. In that nothing, in that darkness is everything. And they were all of that themselves.

Lectures2 p.204-205

-Those Masters connect themselves with the origin and return to the very first source, when there was still nothing, there was still no human being, no flower, no wind, no light, and no materialization present. Everything was emptiness and yet – I let you experience that morning recently – and yet there was light… We felt that light… a pure, awe-inspiring silence entered us. And that was the All-Mother, the All-Soul, the All-Spirit, and the All-Fatherhood.

Lectures2 p.11

Source: Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof