23.0 LOVE is the Divine Essence of Everything (Jozef Rulof)
23.1 LOVE is the highest Divine power
23.2 Christ wanted to bring to Earth the “Gospel of LOVE”
23.3 Only through unconditional LOVE the soul can develop
23.4 Through the power of LOVE the Soul became the creator of the Spheres of Light
23.5 The soul must develop seven degrees of feeling of LOVE
23.6 The fourth degree of spiritual development is Universal LOVE, the Oneness experience with all life on earth
23.7 The Spiritual Kiss is the spiritual experiencing LOVE, the oneness-experience of the soul with an other life
23.8 The seventh degree of LOVE is the Oneness-experience with all life in the Cosmos
23.9 All life must evolve to achieve a higher degree of LOVE