23.1 LOVE is the highest Divine power


According to the Wisdom of Jozef Rulof and his heavenly Masters, there is one Divine Power, one Law that encompasses everything and that is LOVE.
As we humans follow the harmonious basic laws of the Universe, we gradually internalize this Love. There are seven successive degrees of Love. These coincide with the seven degrees of feeling that the soul must acquire in its evolution. The fourth degree is universal Love, aimed at serving the evolution of all life. It is oneness with all life on Earth. The seventh degree of Love is the Divine feeling grade. Christ has reached that highest degree and feels a unity with all life in the cosmos to its deepest All-source core.
The more LOVE the soul develops,
the more LIGHT it radiates and the
greater the CREATIVE POWER.

-And that All-Source is light, life, a personality, harmony, and justice, can you feel? But wants to be love for everything, love, love, love.

Lectures 1 p.439

-We know this love. We possess, carry that love.
We became Divine twin souls as man and wife!
The human being becomes a Deity in love!

The Cosmology 2 p.182-183

 -Christ brought:His justice from the conscious Divine All! He knew that only ‘love’ is capable of reaching and conquering the laws of life of God. Christ there- fore brought the only ‘love’ and that is eternal.
As a result of this, my brothers, we see that Christ summed up all the universes and all the laws of the All-Mother into one whole and that is Love!

The Cosmology 5 p.163 (C5.5180.5205)

Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof