2.0 There is no death, there is only evolution
2.1 There is no death Soul and spirit go further
2.2 The cycle of live and death brings live back to the Divine All-Source
2.3 Passing away is the birth of the spirit in the astral spheres
2.4 When passing away, the spirit frees itself from the physical body
2.5 Your dead are alive. You will see them again someday
2.6 A child that leaves the Earth is lovingly taken care in the Spheres of Light
2.7 A Soul that has yet to reincarnate, awaits in the “World of the Unconscious” for a new life
2.8 There is no death, there is only evolution!
2.9 Each person follows his own spiritual development path on the way to the Divine All-Source
2.10 Only after burial can the spiritual body naturally absorb the last aura of life