2.8 There is no death, there is only evolution!


There is no death, there is only evolution. The divine laws of Motherhood and Fatherhood and Reincarnation and the laws of Karma and Cause and Effect bring mankind back to the Source.
For this reason man gets many new lives.
Life is sacred. People, animals, nature, planets, everything is born of the Divine Source.
Our entire universe is a visible manifestation of that, what we humans call “God”.

-In the cycle of life and death is passing on a natural transition to the next stage of development of our soul.

-It is not necessary to be afraid of death. Only our body dies.
You, your soul, your personality leaves the body and goes on as a spirit.

-Our body, that has served us during this life, we give back to Mother Earth.
During the process of passing on  the spirit is often picked up by acquaintances who live in the spheres of Light.

-As the soul is ready with its development on Earth, it is attracted by the astral sphere that suits by the level of consciousness that the soul has reached in all the lives on Earth.

-As the soul is not yet ready on Earth, than after leaving the body it is attracted by the astral World of the Unconscious.
In this world the soul stays in a sort of meditation sleep state, up to the time that it is attracted for a new life on Earth.