2.9 Each person follows his own spiritual development path on the way to the Divine All-Source


All people are born from the Divine All-Source of Love and sooner or later they all reached the Heavenly Spheres of Light and here they continue their development on their way back to the Divine All Source.
Every soul follows its own spiritual development path.

-The Cosmic laws are righteous.
Eternal damnation does not exist and God punished either.
Butā€¦.. man has received a free will and is therefore responsibleĀ for his own actions!

-All the errors that have been made in past lives must first be compensated.
This are important lessons of which the sole develops and can go on with its evolution.
Mother Earth is an important learning school.

-What kind of religion or philosophy you have, it does not care.
If you follow the way of Love, your soul will find his way Home.

-Do not be afraid of death. How sad the parting may be.
The soul continues its way and sooner or later you see each other back in the realms of light.

The study group Wisdoms from Heaven