2.10 Only after burial can the spiritual body naturally absorb the last aura of life


In dying, feeling withdraws from the material body to continue as spirit and soul. The complete withdrawal of feeling and life aura from the died body, in many people takes longer than is commonly thought. It can take weeks to months. In a body that decomposes naturally in the earth, that residual feeling, that residual life aura, will gradually withdraw. The material body is composed of elements and energies of Mother Earth and these have to be given back naturally and only then will the residual life aura gradually be released and join the spiritual body. However well-intentioned, cremation is unnatural. Because of the rapid burning, the residual aura is chipped and the spiritual body will be handicapped in the spheres and take many years to recover. On top of that, some people are still attached to their bodies after dying. In cremation, the spirit body may then even consciously experience the burning.
Other methods such as dissolving and freezing are also unnatural and not desirable.
Embalming is also highly unnatural. The decomposition of the material body is very much delayed and the spirit body can suffer for sometimes hundreds of years.
Dying is a delicate process; the transition from material to spiritual takes time. Therefore, it seems wise to wait a few days after death before proceeding to burial or otherwise.

-If this person had been aware of a life after his life on earth, he would have decreed that his mortal remains be confided to the bowels of the earth, in keeping with God’s eternal laws. According to these eter- nal laws man is born out of dust and he will return unto dust. However, this was not meant to be done with violent destroying but slowly, gradually, in a natural way.

A View in the Hereafter p.168

Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof