L2.1 The All-Source for creation began
L2.2 The Cosmic Laws of Motherhood and Fatherhood let the Universe and all life expand
L2.3 The Cosmic Law of Reincarnation ensures that our Soul is constantly given new bodies, new lives to evolve
L2.4 The birth of Mars, Earth, stars and planets. The Expanding Universe
L2.5 The birth of the first human cells
L2.6 The first three Cosmic Grades of live are in our universe with the mother planets Moon, Mars and Earth
L2.7 Through Reincarnation human can have spiritual and a physical evolution
L2.8 Every soul has a free will and follows its own path to enlightment
L2.9 In the evolution of the soul the animal follows man, but it does not get the highest consciousness
L2.10 The law of Karma or the law of Cause and Effect?
L2.11 All of our lives are in our reincarnating live of feeling
L2.12 The main issues of reincarnation and karma