24.8 Every soul has a free will and follows its own path to enlightment


We humans as are born as Divine sparks from the All-Source of LOVE and we are meant to develop all grades of LOVE in such a way that we eventually reach the Divine All.
For this purpose, the Divine Forces created the Universe for man. The human being as Divine spark must internalize the Universe, visibly and invisibly.

-This is only possible through evolution, both on a physical and on a spiritual level.
The Cosmic laws of Fatherhood and Motherhood, Reincarnation, Karma and Cause and Effect guide this evolution proces.

-The laws of Karma and Cause and Effect ensure that every soul can make good his mistakes.

-The Divine laws are righteous, damnation for ever does not exist.

-There are in total of seven Cosmic Degrees.

-The Moon is the first Degree.
The planet Mars is the core of the second Cosmic Degree.
The Earth on which we live now, is the core of the third Cosmic Degree.

-After the Earth and the Celestial Spheres, the human Soul moves on to the fourth Cosmic Grade of Live.


The Society of Wisdoms from Heaven