24.11 All of our lives are in our reincarnating live of feeling


Through everything we experience during our lives, the soul develops more consciousness, more Love and more feeling. As a result, our live of feeling evolves, which with every reincarnation also goes along with the new live.Our soul leads us to make the best of life.From this reincarnating life of feeling, our soul feels attracted to those people who have a karmic relationship with us.

Just like that: I want to be that, I want this; and then of course the life of feeling speaks of its own accord, but you brought that with you from previous lives.

-Because if we begin here, then we begin with a clean slate for this life, but what there is, is all reincarnation.
We are completely blank for this life.
We have to deal with this light.
The light in the eyes only comes after seven days; and then we start to look and then the past immediately recedes.

-If that child could be adult now and could speak, then reincarnation would lie completely open and then you would see into all those other lives.

Question and Answer Part 2 p.22

Source: Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof

See also: https://rulof.org/en/Feeling-feeling