2.3 Passing away is the birth of the spirit in the astral spheres


All people are children of God and sooner or later they all reached the Heavenly Spheres of Light and here they continue their development on their way back to the Divine All Source.
The Cosmic laws are righteous.
Eternal damnation does not exist
and God punished either.


-Passing on signifies the birth
 a spirit in the spheres, like
the birth of a child on earth.

But the spirit needs more help when it’s born
than a child does.

-It requires all the spiritual
 powers and he also
uses the energy
 of others
to fetch the dying.

-The thoughts of the bereaved
can also help them to break free
from their body.’

“A View in the Hereafter” p. 102

Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof