2.4 When passing away, the spirit frees itself from the physical body


The soul leaves the body and is attracted by the astral sphere that fits by the level of consciousness that the soul has reached in all the lives on Earth.
If the soul isn’t yet ready on Earth, it will be attracted by the astral World of the Unconscious to prepare for a new reincarnation.

-The cord of life connects both bodies,  and it
keeps the spirit wrapped
within an infinite
number of filaments.

These form a soft fluid in which the spiritual
body exists, and which is only visible to us.

-This fluid will develop when the person’s
 becomes spiritually attuned.

“A View in the Hereafter 2” p. 66

-What a sad existence life would be
if it had to
 continue forever on earth.

-Once again: man, rejoice that you are
 to die there, a higher happiness, a
higher love
 and bliss awaits you on this side!

“A View in the Hereafter 2″ p. 135

-There is no dying.
You free yourself as a spiritual  personality
and you go to the new birth, or you go
straight on to the Spheres of Light.

“Question and answer Part 5” p. 218
Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof