23.7 The Spiritual Kiss is the spiritual experiencing LOVE, the oneness-experience of the soul with an other life


If the soul unites spiritually with another soul, it is a spiritual kiss, an indescribably beautiful and intense experience. The further the soul develops in Spiritual Love, the greater and more intense the unity experience becomes.
When the soul has reached the fourth degree of Love, the universal Love, it can connect with all life on Earth.
The degree of Love of a soul can be seen from the radiance of Light. The more Love the soul develops, the brighter the Light and the greater the creative power.

-Earthly love is usuallynothing more than friendship. The love that is experienced un the spheres merges in one feeling,  one life, one understanding. This love is eternal and te souls are united by God.

A view into the Hereafter

-Love everything which lives, therefore everything of the human character and you will be love.

Question and Answer 1 p.

-It is not a question of giving love, you do not need to give anything, you only have to be it.

Lectures 2 p.406

-Make love of yourself. Make universal opening of yourself, let the light in your eyes grow. If you have worries and suffering, accept it. One day you will have to support all of mankind.

Lectures3 p.29

-God as love for the human being means: experience the life in harmony and become harmonic, just, it is only then that your life of feeling gets the power, the amiability, that wonderful feeling on the lips, and then the human being is capable of giving the spiritual kiss to the life. And this is now kissing.
This is the oneness of the human being as material, as spirit, as father and mother.

Lectures Part 2 p.244

Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof