23.8 The seventh degree of LOVE is the Oneness-experience with all life in the Cosmos


From the fourth Sphere of Light one speaks of the spiritual grade of LOVE or the fifth grade of feeling.
It is attained only by the Masters in the hereafter, because that degree is completely detached from earthly material matter. The University of Christ teaches that there is also a sixth spatial degree of Love, in which one experiences a unity of feeling with all life forms in space.

And then comes the seventh cosmic or divine grade of Love or the seventh grade of feeling. Christ has reached that highest degree and feels a unity with all life in the cosmos to its deepest All-source core.
The University of Christ tells us that all people follow the path of LOVE and will one day reach the seventh degree of Love.
The laws of Fatherhood and Motherhood and reincarnation direct this process. We will then radiate all LOVE that is potentially present in our soul as LIGHT

-And we do not have that child, but we have millions of people whom we will serve. We must love everything. So you enter universal love; you are just talking about human love. And then you get the spiritual love, then you get the cosmic love, the spatial love, and then the All-Love.

Question and Answer 6 p.128

-But in you: that soul is a part of God. And by means of every thought you make a character trait conscious. So every deed has a spatial, spiritual, divine founda- tion. You do something and then you can, the human being can, God can, the universe can weigh up your deed with the light of that universe. That means, if you do something, then that deed immediately goes upwards, into the universe, and by means of that you get a foundation in order to walk, to stroll, to stand. You have light, you have life, you have love. By means of love, by giving a deed love, that is… People call it ‘love.

Question and Answer 5 p.172

Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof