23.6 The fourth degree of spiritual development is Universal LOVE, the Oneness experience with all life on earth


What the body already has in its material growth and effect, the personality can also master spiritually. Then man not only experiences the physical ability to come to oneness and thereby create children, but he will also experience that effect internally. For every character trait is in essence also an extension of the giving and creative emotional life. Every gram of feeling that we use for serving our fellow man increases the expanding feeling of our Universal Love. If we want to experience Love, we can become it through Love.
We are only attuned to the first Light Sphere when all our character traits express joy, amiability and openness. The masters have experienced that by accepting and incorporating life in all aspects, they developed a feeling connection with that life so that they got to know and serve that life. Thus they came to the Universal Oneness with all life.

You received that, your physical condition is there.
The human being one is the material foundation for the spiritual love. But a time comes that that fatherhood and motherhood, that love, must be drawn up to the character.

Lectures 2 p.410

-Material love has nothing to do with spiritual, astral love. Our love is not bound by earthly laws; it has totally conquered physicality.
The enormous gap between the two has to bridged by the personality itself.

Mental Illnesses(ME.8219.8221)

Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof