23.5 The soul must develop seven degrees of feeling of LOVE


The degrees of Love coincide with the degrees of feeling of the soul. On Earth, the soul must develop four successive degrees of feeling: the pre-animal, the animal, the raw-material and the subtle-material degree of feeling.
Souls with a pre-animal and animal grade of feeling have attunement to the dark spheres. The raw-material degrees of feeling are mainly attuned to the twilight country. The subtle degree of feeling is called Universal Love and has attunement to the three first Spheres of Light. Then there are three consecutive degrees of spiritual feeling.
From the fourth sphere of light one speaks of the spiritual or fifth grade of feeling. It is only attained by the masters in the hereafter, because that degree is completely detached from earthly material matter.

-And we do not have that child, but we have millions of people whom we will serve. We must love everything. So you enter universal love; you are just talking about human love. And then you get the spiritual love, then you get the cosmic love, the spatial love, and then the All-Love.

Question and Answer 6 p.128

-But the being one with all the life of God on earth, so because he is starting to experience that universe, absorbs it completely consciously, that is the pain which he as soul has to accept and every initiate from the East can prove that to you convincingly.

Cosmology 2 p.258

-However deep everything is, everything, all those wonders are simplicity, for God is simplicity and love. When man feels that, it will move him deeply and ‘this’ is love. Because every- thing vibrates for love, radiates like the sun, and this is the power of love, nothing but power of love, a power which all of us will once possess. Then, our radiance will touch thousands of people and everything living in our surroundings.
Then we are suns ourselves, luminous beings like the universe, and we shall be like God.’

 The Origin of the Universe p.101

Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof