23.3 Only through unconditional LOVE the soul can develop


The masters have experienced that they acquired a higher degree of Love by giving Love and being it, not by getting or forcing it. That is why Christ advised us to love your neighbor as yourself.
Christ knew his All-Source and knew that he had radiated it to divine Light by loving all life.
However, if we do not want to understand another human being, we turn that All-Source within ourselves back to darkness

-Because you must be able to love mankind; and then the universe, every animal, every flower, every tree, everything, life, night, light, clouds, the lightning and the thunder. Everything was born through you. Did you know that? And you must love that, you let that live. And that speaks to you. Can you feel that consciousness? And then that love; it is spatial, it is kind-hearted, just. And then you are carried.

Question and Answer 6 p.129

-By prayer alone I would not have got there. My prayers were the request for help and therein lay my love, felt for human beings. It must be the deed, for it is the serving love that gives people the eternal light.

The Cycle of the Soul p.282

-It is not a question of giving love, you do not need to give anything, you only have to be it.

Lectures  2 p.406

-Because you must begin with the first foundations: I want to be love. And that is very simple and that can be achieved again if you begin with it.

Lectures 3 p.15

-To love everything which lives, to love the truth and to put aside that which is wrong, to listen to the higher, the growing, the real, the true first footstep as a foundation in the spirit, do you not live for that now? 

Lectures 3 p.26

Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof