36.9 Are there any higher worlds after the Divine All?


Even in the All, man has seven transitions to experience.
When the highest masters have experienced the Divine All and completed their evolutionary process, they examine whether they can go beyond it.
Then when they move on, they see that the Golden Light of the All is eclipsing.
And then they find that they have returned in the All-Mother, before it manifested itself in creation.
They have returned to the beginning of their own evolution in the source of life for all life.
Only then did they understand that the All Source is everything and that they themselves are that everything.

-And we see the Divine All changing, we experience that the Golden Light will darken.
What is this? Now we hear:
‘Go further! Go back to the Earth! Now you will complete your Divine Cycle, but return to the moment that the All-Mother began with ‘HER’ evolution. And we are that and all the life of her independence is that!
Can you see that our Golden Light is already beginning to darken? You are now returning to the All-Source for all the life and of both every spiritual and material independence.
You are returning to your own Evolution! And you have to and we have to accept that!
We are following you! We also have to experience seven transitions in the Divine All, before the light dissolves and we have returned to the All-Mother as a life source, as the All-Mother for all this life.

-Our life and consciousness darken, because you have left the conscious and existing. You are returning to the All-Mother before ‘SHE’ mani- fested herself. It is only now that you can accept that the All-Source is everything, or we would never have reached this height.

-The Human Being from the Divine All wishes you to go further. You can be assured that we are serving you! Know now, we are Love! Know now, we are Life! We are Gods!
Farewell, my brothers, give Mother Earth all our wisdom, this gladness
and joy of life, our being one!
The All-Consciousness blesses all of you!”
Then the darkness falls. Where are we living now?
From the silence
which overcomes us we recognize the All-Source. Truly, we have gone through the Divine Cycle for the human being. Now we attune ourselves to the All-Mother and we sense her life.
That was therefore the intention of that life source, before the own creations began.
They are no longer people now, but Gods! The human being on Earth is a Deity!
The human being on Earth, and wherever the human being is to be found,
is the representation of the All-Source!
The human being possesses that attunement and has to experience that evolution!

The Cosmology5 p.225,226

Source: Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof