36.3 What is the purpose of creation?


Man is born of God. God is life, is harmony, is Love.
Man too will have to develop his feeling and personality in Love.
The human soul as spark, personality and feeling must develop through evolution in such a way that one day it comes into harmony with the Divine Soul.
Only then can the soul return to the Divine All.

-Man follows a long road; for billions of years are required to reach Divine life. But what man then possesses, cannot be imagined. What you have experienced, André, will one day be our possession. This has been the purpose of the entire creation. God gave His own self. God gave man, the highest being, these Divine gifts. God created something in which He Himself lives. It is now up to man to see to it that he is in harmony.

The Origen of the Universe p.81

-When God divided himself, gave himself away, split himself into millions of parts, from which we people grew, this happened with a fixed purpose. God wanted us, his life, to follow one evolution after the other, experience grade after grade in order to master his sacred laws. It was his will that we would become conscious of the whole of His creation.

In order to make this possible for us He created us, man and woman, in his image. He placed his Divine core in man and woman, his own attunement, his Divine feeling. He placed his universe, the material and astral universe in their hands. In them, the wonder, which is God, received shape and conscious.  

The Peoples of the Earth p.35


Source: Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof