36.5 It is GOD Himself that evolves


The Divine power revealed Itself by showing Itself in creation. The Divine power gave birth to life degrees and laws of life for Itself. God experiences Itself through man.
We humans, as life degrees of God, are essentially Divine sparks in development.
God carries Itself back to the conscious AL.
In the AL, man is again fully Divine.

-Those are the Divine laws for the University of Christ.
So God created grades of life and laws of life for himself, and, now we lay the Divine foundation, revealed himself by materialising himself, that means that we people are actually only Life for the All-Source and that God is busy taking himself back to the conscious ALL.

-So finally, my brothers, we stand before our own life and immediately next to that before our Deity! The living Divine image as Divine inde- pendence is represented by fatherhood and motherhood.

The Cosmology2 p.224

-So what is the purpose of God for the human being?
What did the All-Mother want, when ‘SHE’ both spiritualised and materialised herself? That the human being was born from her, and that the human being will be as ‘SHE’ is. And that is the conquering of material thinking and feeling, my brothers.

The Cosmology4 p.250

-It is the All-Mother who materialized herself as a human and spiritual grade of life. Can you feel this, my Master? This word is awe-inspiring! Because it takes away all the human questions, which are being asked for the present stage.
The human being asks: Why did God not finish us suddenly?
Why must we experience misery, if God is love?
Why did the human being have to go through these dark, pre-animal
laws of life first, we ask!
And then we can answer: It is the All-Source! The All-Mother! The All-Father! The All-Spirit!
The All-Soul!… which materialized herself as human and animal life,
but by means of which we as human beings received the own life.

-We are therefore nothing more and nothing less, grades of life for God. And now there is no misery to be experienced, but only spiritual and material awakening. Because in the Divine All the human being is a Deity. The All-Source will therefore materialize and spiritualize herself, but we record the disharmony of that, as human being, as life of God. It was not possible any differently, the soul must get through this, but her Divine attunement will protect her from general destruction.”

The Cosmology5 p.95

Source: Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof