36.6 God Itself gives birth to Itself through man


Through creation, God has materialised, spiritualised, expanded Himself through soul, life and laws.
The core of the human soul is the God spark and that is God Himself.
The All Source is driving that god spark back to the Divinely conscious All.
That spark is you, so you are a deity.
You could also say God gives birth to Himself through man.

-Look, madam, you are that divine spark, that is God himself.
-God, materialized himself, spiritualized himself, expanded by means of soul… First the life, that is the life, that is the All-Source. If you speak about life, then you already have the All-Source in you. But the soul as a separate part of that life, from that All-Source… that life is now All-Source, All-Light, All-Fatherhood, All-Motherhood, All-Soul, All-Spirit, elemental laws, and then you come to the personality and then it is called justice, harmony.

Question and Answer3 p.97

-The All-Source drives on until all the life”, now it comes for you, then you will know why you must keep on going forward, why you must receive a new life, here comes the word, “the All-Source drives the spark back to the Divine conscious All. And it is only then that all this life reaches the Divine stage.”

-And Christ came back from the All-Consciousness to the earth in order to bring the All-Love to earth. -Just offend a human being; you offend the All-Mother. Cheat the human being, talk evil about the human being; you talk evil about your Deity, you sully yourself.

Lectures3 p.89, 90, 91

-It is God. I will now let go of the human being. God himself gives birth to himself through the human being. Because we are gods, as human beings.  

Question and Answer4 p.315 

-I told you and was able to explain and you can accept this: the human being is a Deity. For God, for the All-Source, the All-Life, the All-Soul, the All-Spirit, the All-Plasma, the All-Fatherhood and the All-Motherhood the human being is a Deity.

-And still, now we are faced with the great question: how can we earn that light, that love, that life, that personality, that soul, that spirit? You must now earn the Deity in you.

Lectures2 p.363

Source: Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof