36.1 The human Soul is essentially Divine and in the Divine All, man is like God


Man is born of the Divine energy. The core of the human soul is the Divine spark. Through evolution, man as soul, personality and feeling will one day obtain Divine consciousness. For this, man must master the entire universe visible and invisible and the cosmic laws. In the process, everything man has ever done wrong, will have to be made right again. The laws of Karma and Cause and Effect guide this process. Eventually man reaches the Divine All and will then be like God again. Everything that was ever born from the All Source will evolve and one day return to this source.

-Thus, André, death and birth, passing over and returning to the Divine source applies to all these enormous planets, but also to the smallest insect known on earth. When this is so, and is fixed in the universe, do you feel then that there is one power ruling all this? That we must bend deeply for God, who has given us all this? That it is a tremendous grace that we shall return to God?

The Origen of the Universe  p.132

-Look up and down, to the right and left; look at the stars and planets and look at everything living in the universe, then try to imagine the invisible worlds man will get to know. All that is God. We people must learn all that and acquire it. Is it really not worth- while to live for that and give it everything you have? Man will have to earn this and accept it in full love, for that is God’s will; that is why we are Divine. God revealed Himself in man and in all life, but man destroys this life. As a result he created another condition, which meant darkness, cold, misery and sorrow to him and that is not what God wanted. He knew that His children would forget themselves.
Man was to become conscious and millions of lives are required to attain the supreme degree.
Therefore, did man have to go through evil to attain the Divine Spheres.

The Origen of the Universe  p.248

-However deep everything is, everything, all those wonders are simplicity, for God is simplicity and love. When man feels that, it will move him deeply and ‘this’ is love. Because every- thing vibrates for love, radiates like the sun, and this is the power of love, nothing but power of love, a power which all of us will once possess. Then, our radiance will touch thousands of people and everything living in our surroundings. Then we are suns ourselves, luminous beings like the universe, and we shall be like God.

The Origen of the Universe  p.101 

Source: Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof