28.2 General Characteristics of the Fourth and Fifth Sphere of Light


From the fourth sphere onwards one speaks of the Spiritual Spheres. The human being who has reached the fourth sphere of light is completely free from earthly influences A soul in the spiritual spheres has attunement to universal Love. One is therefore one with all life and can connect with everything. Music is experienced in colors.

-See this beauty and how pure all these people are. See their robes! They were loosely draped from their shoulders and this was their men- tal possession. It was impossible to take it away from them, because their spirit had acquired it. He saw wonderful indescribable colours.

The Origin of the Universe p.43-44

-The human being who lives in this condition possesses and has attunement to universal love. It excludes all separation.
-We will then be sisters and brothers. All earthly states of feeling will have been discarded and we will be one in everything.

A view into the Hereafter p.355

-Now you must see the different dwellings as temples. There are people in this world who possess a temple. They live there in the mountains. You have mountains, you have waters; everything is there. Mother water – you will soon read that in ‘The Cosmology’ – also has her representation in the Spheres of Light. She lives there and is crystal clear and pure.

Lectures Part 1 p.358

-These garments radiate in accordance with the power of love of the being. The masters gather and give concerts.
-Our instruments cannot be compared to those on earth.
Here life itself induces us to play, since life serves us. Our music is rendered in colours.

A view into the Hereafter p.368,369

 Source: Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof