28.5 In the Temple of the Soul, one can become proficient in a particular study


Only in the fourth sphere of light can one become fully proficient in a study. Freed from earthly thinking, one can now learn to know life fully through direct oneness with it.
Such a study takes hundreds of years, because one has to learn to feel every law of life from within.  Thus one no longer bases one’s knowledge on a teaching constructed by others, as knowledge is passed on on earth.

-We cannot qualify for a spiritual study until in the fourth sphere on this side, it is there that we have discarded all abnormality belonging to the earth and have consequently entered normal life. Those living there have the feeling; they have advanced that far on the spiritual road and understand the meaning of life after death. They know that they can and shall proceed ever further, they know they can return to the earth and, above all, they understand creation. It is not possible to make a study of it previously.’

-Such a study requires hundred of years. Don’t forget that all these beings are connected with the universe and have to acquire all those laws of nature. It takes no less than dozens of years before they have learned and felt the true meaning of the problem of birth and death and the many laws of nature related with it. In this spiritual life we do not learn and calculate what we are being taught, we must be able to feel and experience it, it does not otherwise get through to us and it would be useless to spend time on it.

 -They must have that feeling inwardly or no master can help or teach them.
Here we see who possess sufficient inner light and they can make some study.

The Origin of the Universe p.363

Source: Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof