1.1 Your Soul is born from the Divine All-Source of Love


Everything around us is Divine.
The world around us, the visible Universe,
we live in, people, animals, plants,
is the physical manifestation of the great
mystical power we call “God”.

-Look up and down,
to the right and left,

look at the stars and planets
and look at everything living in
the universe, then try to imagine
the invisible worlds
man will get to know.

-All that is God.
We people must learn all that
and acquire it.
Is it really not worthwhile
to live for that and give it
everything you have?

-Man will have to earn this
and accept it in full love,
for that is God’s will;
that is why we are Divine.

“The origin of the Universe” p. 248
Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof