1.4 Each person has his own free will and follows its own path of spiritual development


The main aim of our soul is to return to our Divine Source
and the only way for that is to develop our
consciousness by giving unconditional
love to all living beings around us.
We as human beings have a free will.
That means that we are responsible for what we do.

-Whatever form animating
life has, it owns that will and
that Divine Spark;
it is independent and
can do as it pleases.

-That is why inner life will
be born
pass on into thousands of lives

and awaken in those lives, in order
to reach the Divine Spheres.

-Invisible man drives the material
being, passes from one body on
 the next, causing life of the
 to awaken.

“The origin of the Universe” p. 231

Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof