10.2 Through motherhood we can restore karma


When we commit a murder, we deprive  a soul a life. We created disharmony and must restore that. That soul must be compensated by receiving a new life. The Law of karma has several solutions to arrange this. One of them is that in a next live as a mother, we receive this soul as a child. In special situations a mother can also give birth to a child for the karma of the father.


-This is going further! The soul gives a new organism to the murdered life and now goes further.
She will free herself from her cause and effect and from the disharmonic laws.
And then she will end her cycle! Then the material life will be completed and she will stand before her spiritual world.

The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof part 5 p.100

-The soul, who puts an end to life on earth, as I explained to you, must and will return on earth in order to experience the third cosmic degree. 

The Origin of the Universe p.486

-The father knows that soul. So the mother gives birth for herself, and also gives birth for the man.
So two different karmas are busy there, the creating karma and the maternal karma.

Question and Answer Part 3 p.151
Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof