11.1 How long does it take for us to reincarnate again?


A soul that is not yet ready on Earth is attracted by the astral World of the Unconscious after leaving the body. In this world the soul resides in a kind of meditative sleep state, until the time when it is again attracted to a new life on Earth. Because of the many murders that have ever been committed and have to be made good this world of the unconscious is overpopulated. A new incarnation can take hundreds of years for these souls.


-Eighty years, according to the count of time on earth, have gone by  and that is only a short time, for most stay hundreds of years in that world, before they are attracted back to earth.’

The cycle of the Soul p. 307

-Stop murdering! Give a new organism to the soul, thousands are waiting impatiently in order to be able to continue the material life.

Mask en men p.798

-If we are now free from sins, faults, disharmony, sir, then it could be possible, be possible. But then it is a task, then I will come back immediately; then you could be attracted in a short time, in seven months, even in seven hours and be born again on earth. balance with all the divine laws.

Question and Answer Part 2 p.366 (Q2.14304.14306)
Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof