12.1 Memories of past lives


We all know the experience, that it seems like you have known a new person for a long time or that a foreign country feels right at home. Some people have also had visions or dreamed about their previous life. Especially small children can remember past lives.


-But a great deal of people received phenomena, saw themselves again in those places and knew exactly, what a city like that, where they had never been before in this life, looked like from inside and outside. 

Question and Answer Part 1 p.293 (Q1.8833.8836)

-You will feel, our reincarnation, our previous lives send us to dreams, send us to other countries.

-You stand before people and say: ‘Good heavens, why do I know those people so well? Why do I feel drawn to those people?’ Perhaps it is your child, your mother, your father.

 Question and Answer Part 2 p.79  (Q2.2462.2464)

-Man on earth is unaware of all those lives which is a mighty grace, for human strength, our nervous system, is not designed to bear all that sorrow consciously.

The Origin of the Universep p.411 (OR.11114) 

Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof