12.3 Child prodigies


We all know them, especially in music and art, prodigies who already have an amazing talent at a young age.They have built up that talent in previous lives and this is taken to the new life with a new reincarnation.


-You now see that Mother Earth has not given you all these grades of sleep for nothing. For the West the subconscious is a depth in which everything from previous lives lies hidden and that which absorbs everything, which is experienced during the life and serves as lumber, or the nervous system would already succumb early. And your child prodigies draw from this when they are conscious of their skills at an early age and want to start doing art.

Spiritual Gifts p.435 (SP.10877.10883

-It must not be so difficult now for you to understand why one person achieves something and really gets it for nothing, for which another person has to slave for. .(…)  

-One person becomes an artist, another person will never become one! The feeling shows how far you have come for art.

Spiritual Gifts p.119 

Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof