13.1 Every soul will have to experience motherhood and fatherhood


The All-Source from which we were born as human beings is female and male, giving birth and creation.
Our soul, as Divine spark, must evolve to be able to return to this Divine Source.
The Cosmic Laws of Fatherhood and Motherhood ensure that every soul will develop and experience motherhood and fatherhood.
These laws are reflected in everything in our daily life on Earth.


-God gave the human being fatherhood, motherhood, reincarnation. The human being received that for nothing. That is the Divine core for the human being, for the animal, for the life in Mother Nature. But the human being will now master that Deity, that is now the word. 

Lectures part 2 p.411

-You must accept that fatherhood and motherhood for the space and for all the life is the essential source as a result of which you evolve.  

Lectures part 1 p.404

-These beings will enter the male and female body thousands of times. It is, as I said, to awaken, to experience the plan of creation.

The Origin of the Universe p.276

Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof