25.2 Love is Light and Love is Creative Power


The more LOVE the soul develops, the more LIGHT it radiates and the greater the CREATIVE POWER.

Every soul has that light in potential and will radiate it, as soon as the personality has come to conscious service


-And that All-Source is light, life, a personality, harmony, and justice, can you feel?
But wants to be love for everything, love, love, love

Lectures 1 p.439

-However deep everything is, everything, all those wonders are simplicity, for God is simplicity and love.
When man feels that, it will move him deeply and ‘this’ is love.
Because everything vibrates for love, radiates like the sun, and this is the power of love,
nothing but power of love, a power which all of us will once possess.

Then, our radiance will touch thousands of people and everything living in our surroundings. Then we are suns ourselves, luminous beings like the universe, and we shall be like God.’

The Origin of the Universe p.101-102

-Light came around them. The good things they did and established on earth for mankind built an other world in the spirit, which became the spheres of light.

The Origin of the Universe p.257, 258

Source: Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof