25.4 A Soul with Universal Love has tuned in to the Spheres of Light


The subtle grade of feeling of the Soul is called Universal Love and is attuned to the three first Spheres of Light.
We are only attuned to the first light sphere when all our character traits express joy, amiability and openness.

The masters have experienced that by accepting and incorporating life in all aspects, they developed a feeling connection with that life so that they got to know and serve that life.

Thus they came to the Universal oneness with all life.


-And we do not have that child, but we have millions of people whom we will serve. We must love everything.
So you enter universal love; you are just talking about human love.
And then you get the spiritual love, then you get the cosmic love, the spatial love, and then the All-Love.

Question and Answer 6 p.128

-Material love has nothing to do with spiritual, astral love. Our love is not bound by earthly laws; it has totally conquered physicality.The enormous gap between the two has to bridged by the personality itself.

Mental Illnesses (ME.8219.8221)

Mother love is the most powerful love, which we know here, until this love will also pass into sphere love, the universal love and when this happens, the mother feels for her child and the father for his son,
the sisterly and brotherly love.
-In this way, people learn and one person gives him- self to another and that is serving love.

Those who came back to Earh p.85

 Source: Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof