25.6 The message of Christ was clear “Have your closest LOVE as yourself”


More than 2000 years ago, Christ came to Earth.
As a human soul he had reached the All-consciousness.
The core of his message was clear: “Love your neighbor as yourself.”
Christ knew that everything in essence originated from the Love power of the All-Source and that every soul
had the potential to ever reach the All-Consciousness, the highest degree of Love, just like he did.

We the people here on Earth must now learn to give Love to everything that lives.
Then our feeling develops a higher level of Love and we attune ourselves to the Heavenly Spheres of Light.


-As a result of this, my brothers, we see that Christ summed up all the universes and
all the laws of the All-Mother into one whole and that is Love!

The Cosmology 5 p.163 (C5.5180.5205)

-Learning to give Love, that was the road. How simple it was, and yet-how terribly difficult.
One should love one’s enemies.

A view into the Hereafter  (VI.8119.8121)


 Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof