35.1 The highest Masters from the All gave man this wonderful concept of God


In the Divine All there are masters, who as human beings have completed the entire evolutionary process back to the Divine Source. They are Divinely conscious. It was these masters of the Order of Christ, who decided that it was time to bring the Sacred Knowledge of the concept of God from the All to Earth. For this, Jozef Rulof, together with his master Alcar, were connected to the Divine Spheres, in the Temple of Soul in the fourth sphere of Light.

-He saw four entities, wearing the most magnificent robes. They were the mentors of the spheres, and they all belonged to the seventh sphere.

-The golden light was predominant in these moment and sphere in which they lived. My God, he thought, are they human beings? Present were the mentors Cesarino, Mondius, Miradis and Urabis, the masters of the seventh, sixth, fifth and fourth sphere.

-Then he heard the voice say: ‘Now the moment has arrived that you may experience the highest at our side.

-Then Cesarino looked at his leader. Not a word was spoken, how- ever. André saw what happened and observed that the higher beings scanned his leader. Souls were connected here; a higher master descended into another being, and this being was his leader.

-However, we shall show you flashes of the true events, and all this serves to convince our sisters and brothers on earth of their Divine connection and attunement.

-You know there are seven cosmic degrees of love. In those degrees, people are living who have lived on all those millions of planets and have already reached the fourth, fifth and sixth, yes, even the seventh degree. When the first beings had reached the seventh cosmic degree, they established communication with the sixth degree, and gave those living there this picture of the beginning of creation, so that they un- derstood how everything had happened. This, however, was not possi- ble until the first human beings had reached the Divine Spheres. You will realize that this event happened billions of years ago.

And it serves to show us, mankind, that we originate from God. Then, the sixth cosmic degree established communication with the fifth, and the fifth with the fourth cosmic degree. Subsequently, the masters living at that time in the seventh sphere received this message, and so we know how, billions of years ago, God revealed Himself in everything.

The Origen of the Universe p.63,64,65,66

-Scientists attempt to explain the origin of the universe materially and that is not possible. When they do not gear up to the spiritual or invis- ible cosmos, they will never understand nor be able to explain its origin.’

The Origen of the Universe p.211


Source: Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof