5.4 All life is Divinely inspired: Tat tvam asi and the Soham mantra


A well-known statement, which originates in the Chandogya Upanishad is: “Tat Tvam asi”.
The story in brief is as follows: The scholar Udallaka teaches his son Shvetaketu about the Divine Brahman which is the source of all beings.

-Bring me a fruit of the Nyagrodhaboom
and splits it open.
What do you see? Small seeds sir.
Split one open. What do you see there?
Nothing at all.

-Very good my son, from that rarefied, that you do not see
raise this mighty tree.
What that rarefied thing has the whole world as her soul.

That is reality. That is the Atman.
“You are, O Shvetaketu.
“Tat tvam asi”

Soham mantra:

Soham Soham
Soham shivo Ham

Translation: I am Him, He is me 
: I am Him, He is me
Vocals and music: Marc Citroen Vrindavan