50.10 Masks and Men


The book ‘Masks and Men’ has a very own place in the book series which Jozef Rulof received mediumistically.
It contains a compilation of themes from all the other books from the series and intertwines them into a rich mix of drama and spiritual knowledge.
This novel was written by Frederik van Eeden from his spiritual life after death.
Van Eeden (1860-1932) was a Dutch writer.
After his death, when Frederik opened his spiritual eyes, he saw that he had not interpreted the spiritual reality with his earthly books.
His happiness was immense when, as a result of the mediumship of Jozef Rulof, he was able to make use of his writer’s talent for writing this spiritual-scientific novel.
In this book, Frederik shows us how we can really think.
He teaches us to examine a thought and to look at where that thought comes from.
Why we can accept that thought as the truth or not.
Frederik advises us to first throw all our ‘certain’ truths overboard and then to see what life itself has to tell us.
He formulates his own approach as follows: ‘I want to provide the pieces of proof cautiously, build my university brick by brick.
I lay one layer after another on the foundation and you will see, I will make it like this!’

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