50.15 Explanation of the books in 140 articles


The explanation include 140 articles on the major issues from the books of Jozef Rulof also the corresponding source texts and explanatory notes.

 Part 1 Our Hereafter
-Our hereafter
-Near-death experience
-Out-of-body experience
-Spheres in the hereafter
-Speres of Light

Part 2 Our Reincarnations
-Our reincarnation
-Memories of previous lives
-World of the unconscious
-Aptitude and talen and gift
-Child prodigy
-Phobia and fear

Part 3 Our Cosmic Soul
-Our cosmic soul
-Explanation at soul level
-There are no races
-Material grades of life
-Human being or soul
-Against racism and discrimination

Part 4 University of Christ
-University of Christ
-Moses and the prophets
-Blible writers
-The first priest-magician
-Ancient Egypt

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