50.6 Between Life and Death


‘Between Life and Death’ is a novel about the temple life of the priests in ancient Egypt, approximately 4000 years ago.
In the book, we get to know priest Dectar, an important past life of Jozef Rulof.
In that life, he got to know and conquer the magical powers which formed the basis for his later mediumship.
Before his life as Jozef Rulof, these powers had sunk to his subconscious, but Alcar – the spiritual leader of Jozef – used those powers from the subconscious in order to build up his mediumship.
As a result of his temple lives, Jozef could reach a height in the mediumship which rarely occurred on earth.
The books that Jozef Rulof received are in fact a continuation of the knowledge which was passed on in ancient Egypt.
In the temples an unrelenting discipline reigned, the high priests even checked every thought of the trainee priests in order to ensure that the strict laws were obeyed.
Under the pretext of service to the gods, the high priests lived out their dark passions.
Dectar fought a heroic fight against those high priests, together with his trainee priest Venry who as a natural talent had exceptional gifts.
This battle was fought at the highest level, as far as the court of the pharaoh.

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