6.2 Every soul, man or woman, will experience Holy Motherhood


Each soul will get to know the pure motherly love and thereby feels connected to the Divine wonder of creation.

Through this Holy Motherhood the soul of the mother will also extra develop.

-This is, to enable every soul to learn and understand pure mother love and to fathom the wonder of God in all its depth; it is the origin of creation, though as individual life.

-The mother experiences this wonder. That first activity and the origin of creation are present in the mother organism.

-Everybody will and shall become a mother;
that inspiring life is a man and a woman on earth;
it is creative and driving, the serving life.

-These beings will enter the male and female body
thousands of times.
It is, as I said, to awaken,
to experience the plan of creation.

 The Origin of the Universe p.275-276


Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof