6.6 The pregnant mother experiences the highest Divine law


The mother who is expecting and will give birth to a child gives a new life to a Soul and thus serves the Divine Evolution Plan.
Also the soul of the mother herself develops through this Holy Motherhood.
The Divine Power is masculine and feminine. So also the human soul, born of the Divine All-Source, will have to experience both fatherhood and motherhood for his development.

-In this way each soul will get to know the pure motherly love and thereby feel connected to the Divine wonder of creation.
That is why every soul, in the many lives that are received, will be born in a female body several times and in a male body several times.

-Fatherhood is subordinate to motherhood and serves motherhood and that is considerably more than fulfilling the sexual act.

-Love and the eventually coming together of the masculine and the feminine and the attraction of a new soul is the execution of a Divine law and must be surrounded by sincere care, respect and above all pure Love.

-Unfortunately, in our current world we often see a completely different picture: oppression and abuse of women, passion and gross sexuality.

The Society Wisdoms from Heaven

The mantra music in this lesson: Jaya Jaya Devi Mata is related to the old Vedas and is a greeting from the All-Mother.