8.6 The cosmic relationship between parent and child


The look alike in the face of the parent and child comes about as follows:Initially, the face of the child during the growth in the womb is formed by the own feeling.
If there is a strong karmic relationship with, for example, the mother, this feeling of the mother will also affect the formation of the face of the child.

-The stronger the karmic relationship, the more the child will look like the parent in question. This karmic connection with one of the parents is not limited to the face alone.Also sensitivity to certain diseases or the resistance to certain diseases or ailments can have the child of the parent where it seems most like. 

-There is a natural connection of live of feeling between the mother and the unborn child.

-Every soul has built up its own character in previous lives. The character of your child therefore has it all by itself and can therefore not be inherited from the parents.Yet the characters of children can look like those of the parents, because of course there is influence by education.It is also the case that parents attract children who have attunement to their own life of feeling.

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