10.3 We mainly meet people, with whom we have a karmic relationship


In our lives we mainly deal with people, with whom we have a karmic relationship, usually due to just cause and effect and sometimes due to murder.  General karma due to cause and effect can be restored in many ways.
This type of karma can even be made good if the soul has already reached the first Heavenly sphere of light.


-There is not one human being, listen what I say, who will meet lives, souls, he has nothing to do with.

-All those other people, all those millions on earth, experience their own karma and meet people whom they have to do with; they are their fathers, mothers, brothers or sisters, for one law brings them together and that is the law of cause and effect.’  

The Origin of the Universe p.417

-We can enter the first sphere on this side when we are free from hatred, passion and violence and already possess love, although we still have sins and faults that we can make up for only now.

The Origin of the Universe p.531-532

 Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof