10.5 Where does the soul who reincarnates, come from?


Someone who passes away and later has to reincarnate into a new life, is attracted to the World of the Unconscious. The soul falls asleep here and all information disappears from the consciousness.
Only then the Soul is ready to reincarnate in a new live.
From the first Light sphere one can voluntarily incarnate to perform a certain task.
Even from the dark spheres one can receive the grace to incarnate in a life on Earth.


-What has fallen asleep in the world of the unconsciouss, will awake when this life is born again. This is the inspiration for the development of the material organism.  

The Origin of the Universe p.120 

-When we live in the world of the unconscious waiting for an incarnation, we receive exactly that what we do not want, because it is the very thing we do not own yet.

The Origin of the Universe p.288

-Do not forget that when one lives in the darkness, one does not have anything but darkness and cold.

-While on earth, it will irrevocably meet that inner life to which it must make up.

-Thus, God comes to the aid of this life.

The Origin of the Universe p.507

 Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof