10.6 Main issues of reincarnation and karma


Karma is found in situations, where someone has to make good something with someone else.
Karma is a well-known concept, especially in Eastern religions.
In the wisdom of Josef Rulof, a fundamental difference is made between direct karma according to the Law of Karma and general karma according to the Law of Cause and Effect.

-Direct karma applies when it concerns a murder. With murder one takes a life of another and therefore of God, because then one comes to “life” and “life” is Divine. Only then does the Law of Karma come into effect.
In order to make this good again, that soul must be compensated by receiving a new life.

-The Law of karma knows several solutions to arrange this. One of them is that we become a mother again in one of our next lives and receive this soul as a child.
In special situations there may be so called, “creation karma”. In this case the father attracts the child and the mother gives birth to the child for the karma of the father.

-Also, general karma, due to cause and effect, will have to be made good. From the reincarnating life of feeling our soul ensures, that we are attracted to those people who have a karmic connection with us.

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