13.3 The body is masculine, but the feeling is still feminine


All evolution in the universe is governed by the Cosmic Laws of Fatherhood and Motherhood.
Homosexuality is thus a natural transition phase for humans, animals, plants and universes and is nothing more than unconscious fatherhood and motherhood.


-But that therefore means that on earth seven different grades of life were born for fatherhood and motherhood. That fathers and mothers live in there who still do not possess the conscious feeling in order to give birth and to create, but that they can and also must master that feeling by means of the lives which come, it is only then that man and woman will consciously feel both father and mother and there will no longer be any question of homosexuality!

The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof part 2 p.198

-And we are all it. Everyone has to go through it. Because they are the seven grades for fatherhood and motherhood. 

Question and Answer Part 4 p.97

-Also the animal, the flowers and the plants, ladies and gentlemen, and the universe also possess homosexuality, which – now comes the answer – is nothing else but unconscious fatherhood and motherhood!

Question and Answer Part 1p.93

 Quotations from the books of Jozef Rulof